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Old pianos wanted

Piano values vary with condition, age, type of wood, style and the piano market conditions in the area you live in. The age of a piano matters a great deal for it's value and can tell a lot about the way the piano was manufactured and what kind and quality of wood was used to build your piano. Due to their towering height, these instruments usually had string lengths and musical capabilities equal and often superior to actual grand pianos, thus being labeled "Upright Grand", "Cabinet Grand" or "Inverted Grand" by their manufactures.

Special name brands can elevate a piano 1 grade. Condition is the key to the value. The age of your piano is determined by the serial number.

old pianos wanted

Click on Image. This was the era that the design of the piano was being perfected by manufacturers. There is a tremendous interest in anything and everything historical or nostalgic. These instruments were usually finished in mahogany, oak, or walnut, with a nice medium to medium dark patina.

Antique wood carries sound much better, and lasts longer because of the year aging process, unavailable today. The quality of metalwork for steel and copper-wound strings, in contrast, is much better today than it used to be years ago.

I want to sell my piano

Many of these instruments were built for use in concert halls, elite hotels, and fine restaurants where their volume and powerful presence was needed.

Only the finest private homes could afford to accommodate such a striking and expensive instrument. This segment of comfortable, but not rich, citizens were coined "middle class" by journalists of the time. Plain piano in every aspect. Square legs, usually tapered. Sides of piano are flat, edges are square. Relatively little molding, simple and uncluttered appearance. Some considered mission period.

Circa to Simplified, but still present, the decorative details consist of fewer if any hand carvings, larger applied moldings and less intricate turnings of the legs. The year ushered in a new case style with a true music shelf. Gone were the tiny shelves that would hold sparse music. The cases were doubly cross band veneered with a five-ply laminate to prevent checking and warping. The finishing techniques were superlative. The last coat was hand-rubbed and finally hand-polished.

During this period a great attention was paid to tone, construction and durability. The inner mechanisms and exterior cases from this period offer the best of both worlds; true craftsmanship with the advantage of the Industrial Revolution.

Nicely styled cabinet. Stylish round legs but sometimes square and fluted. Molding is often stylish. Sometimes piano side front edges are curved but usually square.

Molding around lid or glass [optional] may he carved. Always stylish some mission style cabinets fall into this Grade when they are augmented by legs that rise above the key bed and cheek blocks to be capped with small pyramid shapes. Circa - The cases of the 's still have the lavish carvings made of exotic woods. The cabinet veneers were mainly walnut-burl and figured, and rosewood.

Rich color and high polish were characteristic of these adorned woods.Please note, this article was written back in While the main points are still valid some of the prices will have changed.

Ultimately, something is worth only as much as someone will pay for it. Piano prices vary greatly depending on the locale and the particular situation. The value of a piano also depends very much on how knowledgeable the seller and potential buyers are. Unfortunately, the ignorant value is more often than not what the piano actually sells for.

If the piano needs considerable repair, encourage the technician to tell you this in front of the seller, as it will better your bargaining position. Even where the seller knows the informed value of the instrument, the asking price is usually set high in the expectation of bargaining, and you can generally expect to agree at a price of from 10 to 30 percent less.

Pricing The list on the next page shows the approximate selling prices of various ages, makes, and types of piano, gathered by Mr. Fine from his contacts around the country. Twenty-five technicians returned a questionnaire in which they listed the average low and average high selling prices not asking prices in their area for the pianos described here.

The pianos were said to be in salable condition, and, unless otherwise noted, were for sale by a private owner, were not rebuilt, and were not Steinways. This list was compiled in for the first edition and has not been updated, however it should still be a good general guide. For a more comprehensive up-to-date list of prices of current pianos, check out www. The answer in most cases is no.

Unlike say, a Chippendale writing desk or Tiffany lamp, an old piano is usually just that, an old piano. While restoring a fine piece of furniture usually involves a craftsman restoring the finish, this would only be the starting point with a piano. The piano is a complicated mechanical marvel involving thousands of moving parts, all of which are subject to wear and deterioration. Restoring these many parts to their original condition is a major undertaking for a skilled piano technician, requiring many, many hours of labor.

And even this is sometimes not possible due to the lack of available replacement parts. Should I Invest the Money? The following is from a discussion on our Piano Forums … Hello, From reading other posts I take it that it is not worth the money or time to restore an old upright.

Antique Used Piano - 1895 Weber Rebuild

My piano is a Weber.Our goal is to correct common misconceptions about antique pianos and related instruments, and to offer an accurate and credible educational resource online.

Decades of restoring, observing, collecting, and archiving historical information has made this website possible. We are a proud group of Technicians, Historians, Wood Workers, Artisans and Pianists who have come together to offer this very specialized resource for antique pianos and related instruments.

Let us bring your heirloom instrument back to life! Skip to content. Let the rich, expressive sounds and timeless visual beauty of an antique piano resonate in your space. Delight the senses with superlative sound, sights and history.

| Antique Upright Pianos For Sale in our Leeds Showroom

The Antique Piano Shop is restoring parts of our musical heritage with unequalled craft and attention to details so the rare and irreplaceable parts of our musical past can be remembered for generations to come. View the Instruments for Sale in our Piano Showroom. Hear the Beauty in Our Restored Pianos. Our Mission. Meet The Team. Restoration Packages. Enter Email Confirm Email. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Make An Offer. Submit An Offer Thank you for your interest in this instrument. We are glad to consider reasonable offers on our instruments, but we do ask that these be serious inquiries only. To make an offer on this instrument, please submit your information in the requested fields below. Please be as detailed as possible with your comments and make sure your offer amount is clearly stated.So you are thinking of selling your piano.

You need the space, redecorating, and want it out of the way, or simply that the time has come, it has not been played for a very long time and there is always somewhere else to stand the photographs. For us to be able to give you an idea of whether your piano is something we would be interested in purchasing from you we require certain pieces of information. In the sections below, there is a form which you can fill in and submit which will give us some of the information we require.

Often we are able to give you an answer directly, but it is also advantageous for us to have some images which can be emailed to us at the following address : buymypiano marksonpianos.

old pianos wanted

If we decide to purchase your piano, you will be delighted to know that we cover the transport costs for it's collection. Part of the enquiry form asks you for information regarding the level ground floor, first floor, outside steps, lift etc so that our transporters know what they are in for.

This information is important to us, because we tailor our transport routes and number of crew to fit the jobs we have.

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If we are advised that there are no stairs, and we find that there are and we only have two crew members on the van, due to safety restrictions we would be unable to effect the collection. Our usual and preferred method of payment is via BACS with a scheduled clearance on the date of collection. Should you wish for an alternative method, please discuss this at the time we make the agreement to purchase your piano. This form is designed to be a starting point in the process of our possibly buying your piano.

Please give as much detail as possible. Please note, we only buy pianos located in the UK and we are unable to buy Straight strung pianos. Buy my piano We offer fair advice, and fair prices for your piano. I want to sell my piano So you are thinking of selling your piano.

Information we require For us to be able to give you an idea of whether your piano is something we would be interested in purchasing from you we require certain pieces of information. Strings cross in a V shape The Condition - Is your piano in good condition? Collection of your piano If we decide to purchase your piano, you will be delighted to know that we cover the transport costs for it's collection.

Payment Our usual and preferred method of payment is via BACS with a scheduled clearance on the date of collection. At a Glance Want to upgrade? We welcome Part Exchange Need the space? No longer played? Start here This form is designed to be a starting point in the process of our possibly buying your piano. Postcode and Floor eg. Upright, Grand, or Digital? Serial Number.

Additional Information - eg.If we purchase your piano we will arrange to pick up and move your instrument from your home to our rebuilding facility. We try to make this process as quick and easy as possible for you. Selling your piano to us eliminates the hassle of advertising, showing your piano and tearing the piano down and moving it.

We are always helping customers across North America sell their pianos, so get in contact with us today. To give you a fair price and to properly evaluate your piano, we will need to know a few details.

With this information, we can evaluate your instrument! We buy vintage pianos from all over North America and our movers make regular trips throughout the continent. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you are looking to sell your used piano.

Piano Disposals

We will let you know if we are interested in your piano and can give you a custom price quote. Whether you desire to sell or purchase a piano, we are ready to help you accomplish your goals. Contact us today if you are looking to sell your Steinway or other higher quality brand piano.

This family owned company has the highest integrity, professionalism, and expertise regarding the Steinway piano business. With over forty years of experience and training we are proud to offer piano tuning, moving, repair, expert restoration, retail and much more. Our services and restored pianos are utilized by top pianists and institutions around the world!

If you are interested in any of our selection of premium piano services, please get in contact with us via email or call us at John Mortensen, Steinway Artist. Contact Us! Note: We are primarily seeking vintage Steinway grand pianos for rebuilding. We are not purchasing any old upright pianos from and earlier, due to a full inventory.

It is important for us to know when the piano was manufactured. This gives us a basic idea of what the piano has gone through and what it may need to be done in the future.Selling a used piano can be a challenge: Since the Recession, used pianos at all price levels have plummeted in value. For buyers on a limited budget, the costs involved in moving a piano to its new location and getting it in good playing condition after the move are relatively high, leaving them with less to pay you for the piano itself.

Typical buyer costs include:. This expense alone can approach or exceed the budget of a shopper looking for a low-cost option, and means that instruments of lower quality, low brand-name recognition, and less-than-stellar reputation tend to attract little or no sales interest.

Appearance: People who buy decent-quality pianos usually have well-decorated environments for them to go into. This is true of most vertical pianos with badly scarred or damaged cases, as well as older, off-brand pianos in plain cabinets.

Pianos Wanted

On the other hand, some well-known piano brands from the past, such as Wurlitzer and Kimball, may be difficult to sell because their reputations are not particularly good. Most pianos are made with a life expectancy of 40 to 60 years, and, contrary to popular belief, do not get better with age.

Keep in mind that while a piano might sound and feel fine to you, it may have significant problems of which you are unaware.

old pianos wanted

It takes an experienced piano technician to know with certainty that a piano is in good condition. In many cases, neither a serious piano player nor his or her piano technician would agree.

La rapina di pino e tino

On vertical pianos, the serial number is usually found on the metal plate, or harp, just inside the lid. The fair market value FMV is the price an informed buyer and seller are likely to agree on, where both parties are private, noncommercial entities not piano dealersand neither is under a compulsion to buy or sell.

An example of a compulsion to sell is when a seller is moving and must get rid of the piano by the end of the month, before the moving van leaves. Unlike real estate or cars, piano sales are not regulated, and there is no major service that tracks the actual sale prices of used pianos.

Even if there were, pianos can vary so much in age and condition that finding one or more instruments that are exact matches to yours would be unlikely.

The SAS provides a solid estimate of FMV by experts, as well as tips, customized to your situation, on how and where to sell, information on donations, selling to dealers, and appraisals for insurance purposes. The piano technician who has been servicing your piano, or another technician, may also be able to provide a value. However, many technicians do not keep up with changes in the used-piano market. After reading the article and referencing the tables, you may be able to place the value of your piano within a reasonable range.

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Follow this up by checking a number of classified-ad websites see next section. Just keep in mind that the prices there are asking prices, which may be far higher than the actual amounts buyers end up paying. Still, if your piano is a common model, and the comparables you find all have similar prices, this gives an indication that the asking prices are probably close to the actual selling prices. Everyone wants to feel that he or she has gotten a good deal, so be prepared to adjust your asking price in a negotiation.

Note that checking prices of used pianos at local dealerships is likely to be of limited value in determining FMV because the dealership usually adds significant value to an instrument, resulting in a much higher price. Usually the piano dealer has:. Word of mouth among people you know results in stronger and safer contacts than those obtained from commercial listings.

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Also, print out and post notices where people congregate: houses of worship, schools, your workplace, etc. Send out a text or e-mail to your contact list, and post on social-media sites, such as Facebook. Be sure to include photos of your piano. Ask your piano technician if he or she knows of anyone who might be interested in your piano. Chapters often have an e-mail list of members to whom they send a chapter newsletter.

Sometimes, members or their clients may advertise pianos for sale, either for free or for a small charge. You can find a list of PTG members in your area at www.

There are two keys to ensuring that your piano sells: creating a sales presentation to prospective buyers, and properly preparing your piano for sale. First, if the company that made your piano is still in business, learn the features, advantages, and benefits of your piano brand and model when compared to other pianos the shopper may be considering.

Weave this information, along with the history of your particular instrument and your experience of it, into a narrative that presents the facts about your piano in a persuasive context.Browse Locations Connecticut. Add a Listing Here. Farmington, Connecticut United States.

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Guilford, Connecticut United States. Haddam, Connecticut United States. Greenwich, Connecticut United States. Easton, Connecticut United States. Well used Cable Nelson upright piano, probably close to 50 years old, needs a good home.

Danbury, Connecticut United States. An attractive, timeless, dark brown Wurlitzer baby grand piano available for pick up in Danbury, CT. Ivory keys. Needs tuning. Avon, Connecticut United States. Free Wurlitzer Upright piano has spent the past few years in Collinsville and is seeking a new home for new musical memories.

Comes with the piano Storrs-Mansfield, Connecticut United States. This piano needs a home or will be buried in the trash. It played well when being used, and has been well cared for 20 years, but not played. West Hartford, Connecticut United States. Stamfors, Connecticut United States. Baldwin Acrosonic in good condition. Maple finish- about 30 years old.

Bridgeport, Connecticut United States. South Norwalk, Connecticut United States. We can help with car loading. Madison, Connecticut United States.

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