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Information regarding compliance status of brick kilns (in the matter of writ c no. 5730 of 2019 ram

Mehta Vs. The matter pertains to the environment pollution with which we are faced with today. Not only the air pollution is being caused unabettingly, but we are also faced with the pollution of rivers in the country. The matter was thereafter listed on 4. Report No. Following order was passed by this Court on 4. Bhurelal, who has pointed out about irrigation. We have also heard some experts from the Ministry and the IIT and learned senior counsel for the parties and Amicus Curiae.

Today everyone is concerned about level of pollution in Delhi and NCR region. This is not something new, every year this kind of piquant situation arises for a substantial period.

It is compounded by the fact that year to year in spite of various directions issued by High Court, other authorities including this Court the State Governments, Government of NCT of Delhi and the corporations of Delhi and nearby States are not performing their duties as enjoined upon them. This is a shocking state of affairs in which we are put as on today.

This is blatant and grave violation of right to life of the sizeable population by all these actions and the scientific data which has been pointed out indicates that life span of the people is being reduced by this kind of pollution which is being created and that people are being advised not to come back to Delhi or to leave the Delhi due to severe pollution condition which has been created. There cannot be large scale exodus. People have to perform their duty in Delhi also and people cannot be evacuated from Delhi being a capital city.

We are at a loss to understand why we are not able to create a situation in which this kind of pollution does not take place, that too in a routine manner every year.

Obviously, it is writ large that the State Governments, Government of NCT of Delhi and civic bodies have miserably failed to discharge their liability as per the directive principles of State Policy which have found statutory expression, they are being made statutory mockery and also the directions of this Court and High Courts in this regard are being violated with impunity.

Time has come when we have to fix the accountability for this kind of situation which has arisen and is destroying Right to Life itself in gross violation of Article 21 of the Constitution of India. No farmer can be said to be having a right under the guise that he is not having sufficient time to use the stubble for the purpose of manure, since they have less time between two crops, cutting and sowing of next crop.

As such, they cannot by burning it in their fields, put life of sizeable population in jeopardy. It is apparent from the satellite images which have been produced before us for the period The satellite image clearly indicates that in Punjab there is widespread stubble burning which has taken place as compared to Haryana, in which only in four districts it has taken place. There is some burning in Western U. It could not have taken place even in a singular district or gram panchayat area as we live in a civilized country in which such kind of activities which create such menacing pollution not only in the area concerned but to the neighboring States also, by ill-effects of that people cannot be left to die or to suffer various ailments.

Everybody has to be answerable including the top state machinery percolating down to the level of gram panchayat.

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The very purpose of giving administration power up to the panchayat level is that there has to be proper administration and there is no room for such activities. The action is clearly tortuous one and is clearly punishable under statutory provisions, besides the violation of the Court's order.

In the circumstances, as widespread stubble burning has taken place, we direct the States of Punjab and Haryana and adjoining State of Uttar Pradesh where there is blatant violation which has taken place, to halt it.

If it is found that any stubble burning has been made not only that person doing it will be hauled up for the violation of the order passed by this Court but the entire administration, right from the Chief Secretary, Commissioner, Collector and all other concerned functionaries and Panchayats. Let the State Governments of Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh and officials also explain that why they should not be asked to pay the compensation for tortious liability as they have acquiesced and due to their failure in preventing stubble burning which is in utter violation of the Public Trust doctrine, why they should not be held liable to compensate, and also the incumbents who are burning the stubble in spite of clear restrictions imposed by this Court and statutory prohibition.

We also direct the Sarpanch of each and every Panchayat and SHO of the concerned area to prepare inventory of the incumbents who have burnt the stubbles in their fields.

We also direct the Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat as well as the concerned police of the area and local administration including the Collector and all subordinate authorities to ensure that no further stubble burning takes place. In case, any stubble burning takes place responsible machinery from top to bottom and Sarpanch, Gram Panchayat shall be liable for tortuous act and for not complying with the order passed by this Court and let the Gram Panchayat also advise forthwith the villagers not to involve in stubble burning any more and take appropriate action.

We also direct the State Governments, Central Government as well as the Government of NCT of Delhi to take immediate steps to take care of the emergent situation due to air pollution which has taken place. No doubt about it that everybody knows the situation, let the steps be taken forthwith with the help of the experts.Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Originally, Petitioner Manuel F.

Rodrigues had filed Writ Petition No. The other reliefs sought by him were of incidental nature. It appears that the Writ Petition has been transferred to this Tribunal mainly for the reason that contention of the petitioner inter-alia is that construction of the Hotel raised within Survey No. Kyle-San Holidays Pvt. These seven authorities are directly or indirectly concerned with implementation of the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification issued under provisions of the Environment Protection Act They were made parties to the original petition for the reason that inspite of various complaints made to them, they had failed to take proper legal action against the illegal construction activities of 8th Respondent K.

Admittedly, K. The proposal was recommended by 2nd Respondent i. So also, it was recommended by 6th Respondent vide 3 J Appln. One of the conditions was that the provisions of the Coastal Zone Notification dated February 19th, and further amended Notification dated August 16th as well as July 9th, and provisions of the Water Act and the Air Act shall be complied with.

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Said Notification declared the Coastal stretches of seas, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and backwater influenced by tidal action on landward side upto mtrs. The HTL has been defined as the line upto which the highest tide reaches during the spring season.

By virtue of said Notification, area of mtrs. Obviously, no construction activity or any kind of development activity was permissible within the said area of the NDZ. According to the Applicant, one of the conditions stipulated in the EC dated April 20th, granted in favour of 8th Respondent K.

Another condition No. XXII is that no construction shall be carried out within mtrs. The Applicant alleges that 4 J Appln. Village Panchyat had issued construction permission dated July 2nd in favour of 8th Respondent K. The Applicant averred that although 8th Respondent K.

The 7th Respondent Village Panchyat took a stand that it had no legal authority to renew the construction licence.

Still, however, after about two years of such rejection on second occasion, the Village Panchyat granted renewal to the construction licence in favour of 8th Respondent K.The effective management of Superfund construction projects is critical due to relatively large project costs and the complication of considerable. This course will serve to help provide regional and state managers with a perspective on what is needed to plan, schedule and control a Superfund construction project.

The course addresses the management issues to be considered in the construction activity, and provides a foundation from which attendees will grow in their technical and administrative competence. Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to more effectively act as managers in the Superfund program. Participants will be more familiar with construction management and will have a clearer understanding of authorities and responsibilities of all parties involved in construction.

This course was developed under the direction of Russel H. Wyer, P. Whalen, P. Support assistance was provided by International Business Services, Inc.

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Army Corps of Engineers, Huntsville Division. EPA Michael L. Do1eac, P. Kent Holland, Jr. Kenney, P. Zack, Jr. EPA. Bureau of Reclamation - Bu Rec Contractor. Federal Acquisition Regs. Cooperstlve Agreement. State Contractor. Procurement Undf'. Consent Deer. PRP Contractor If mixed funding:. Procurement of designers and constructors. Design considerations. Construction considerations. Conferences -- Permits, approvals, site access. Site investigations.

Value engineering. Health and safety. Construction schedules. Periodic inspections. Change order management.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. Often the only traces left behind are stone flakes or abort products, but very seldom remnants of the building itself. The ephemeral nature of workplaces comes in sharp contrast to the sense of permanence, endurance or monumentality given out by the artefacts created inside them. Workplaces sheltered within domestic quarters and functioning also as shops can be identified by their immediate outlet to a street.

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Most intriguing is a worksite in action and what the premises looked like during the process of construction. Evidence for the operation of a workshop, such as portable finds, may be referred to, only to help us embed the installation notionally and topographically in its proper setting. Architectural worksites disclose another facet, that is, of an edifice or an architectural complex in the making. In the case of public or religious building programs, monumentality is the common denominator.

Undoubtedly, the production of large-scale monuments in architecture and sculpture entailed particular management, structure and organization.

What were the spatial and technical prerequisites for carrying out such projects, and with what bearing upon the site? What was the backstage practical issues, decision making etc of the erection of a colossal temple or a gigantic sculpture? We concentrate on the process and preparation, rather than the final product and outcome. Save to Library. Constanze Graml. A review of the existing policy instrument for transforming the brick kiln sector of Bangladesh. Application of Command and Control CACas policy instrument with different technology options, in extremely polluting and informal brick kiln sector of Bangladesh over last decade has resulted in a shift in baseline technology.

This paper amply shows that prescribing different technologies following some pilot projects and banning the baseline technology to bolster market transformation has thus far not been effective.

Building on previous reports, policies and literature, the paper explores what lessons can be drawn from CAC regime for Bangladesh and it raises fundamental issues related to alternative policy instruments and concludes that despite very qualified success in terms of effectiveness, CAC would continue to be the policy of choice in the foreseeable future.

However, the existing policy would provide necessary leeway to choose and be prepared for the right policy instrument. The paper, furthermore, explores some possible contribution options of the sector to Nationally Determined Contributions NDC of Bangladesh. Anthropometric and body frame size characteristics in relation to body mass index and percentage body fat among adult Bengalee male brick-kiln workers from Murshidabad, West Bengal, India.

Anthropometric and body frame size parameters ABFSP are used to interpret body mass and to evaluate nutritional status. The study was carried out in a sample of adult Bengalee healthy male brick-kiln workers age range 18—59 years from Murshidabad district in West Bengal, India. Body weight was recorded; anthropo-metric measurements included height, breadth elbow, wrist, hand, foot, ankle, kneecircumferences mid-upper arm, chest, waist, hip, thigh, medial calf and skinfolds biceps, triceps, subscapular, suprailiac.

Presence of these hazardous elements in soils is indicating a potential risk to the environment. Certain indices, including the enrichment factor EFpollution load index PLI and contamination factor Ci fgeoaccumulation index Igeotoxic unit analysis and principal component analysis PCA were used to assess the ecological risk posed by hazardous elements in soils.

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The Ci f values of As In view of the above results, soils from all sampling sites showed considerable to very high potential ecological risk.

Laterizi per la nuova colonia di Luni: le fornaci di Massa. Claudia Rizzitelli. Eine vergessene Feldziegelei in der Steverheide bei Nottuln. Important insight was gained A comprehensive magnetic survey of bell and tile fabrication kilns in Castile Region Spain.Free for one month and pay only if you like it.

Heard Mr. Faraz I. Kazmi, learned counsel for the applicants, Mr. Rai, Mr. Ravindra Kumar Singh, Mr. By means of this application under sections of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the applicants have invoked the inherent jurisdiction of this Court for quashing of the charge sheet No. Sarvar Babar and others arising out of Case Crime No.

Since pure legal issues are involved in this case and the facts as emerges on record are not disputed ,therefore, with the consent of learned counsel for the parties, the instant case is being decided at the admission stage itself without calling counter affidavit. Whether a person can be prosecuted simultaneously for one set of offence under two or more different acts?

Whether prosecution of accused for the offence under Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Actas well as under Indian Penal Codeon the basis of police report charge-sheet is barred by Section 22 of the Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Act?

Whether in absence of filing of complaint, the Magistrate can take cognizance on police report charge-sheet submitted for the offence under Mines and Minerals Development and Regulation Actas well as under Indian Penal Code?

Filtering out unnecessary details, the brief facts as per prosecution case, as emerges on record are that the opposite party No. When they reached towards bank of Yamuna river, they saw that some people were doing illegal mining of sand by J. On giving warning people present there with common aim and object started pelting stones and also opened fire by country made pistol at the police personnel.

Any how police personnel saved their life. On firing by the police personnel in their self defence, they escaped towards Haryana along with their J. Tractor trolly and dumper.

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The Investigating Officer after investigation submitted two charge sheets in this case. First charge sheet No. Learned counsel for the applicants assailing the impugned charge sheet dated Act 6.This journal is a celebration of the challenging, innovative work that happens at each of our hospitals every single day, as our members strive to consistently deliver the absolute best and cutting-edge care to all patients served in an uncertain and ever-changing fiscal environment.

This publication would not have been possible without the contributions from our member subject matter experts, support staff and care teams that share their passion to care for their neighbors in the communities they serve. Printed in the USA Published by AllSpire Health Partners Front Street, Suite Conshocken, PA No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, microfilming, recording, or otherwise, without the permission of the copyright holder.

Book design and layout by Gensler.

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It is excruciatingly painful for a well-established and successful organization to intentionally deviate from the methods of operation that lead them to their success. Yet no business model, let alone any set of technologies, remains relevant and viable forever.

People dread change, even if they know it represents progress for society and could potentially be a boon to their own personal self-interest. Change is uncomfortable. Priority One: Cost Reduction Systemwide The cumulative effects of adverse incentives in payments for health services have resulted in decades of rising costs, well above the national growth rates in Gross Domestic Product, inflation or population. Whatever metric you choose as a benchmark, the trend is ultimately economically unsustainable.

Making Sense of the Media, Mergers, and Non-traditional Entrants into Healthcare The headlines have been awash with news of mergers and would-be new entrants into the healthcare realm. Each story has its own unique features that can be construed as threats, opportunities or non-events in the eyes of the incumbent leaders of the field.

What is constant is a perception by 1. Unfortunately for the incumbents, the companies eyeing healthcare as an opportunity are often orders of magnitude better resourced, less encumbered by years of entrenched legacy infrastructure, somewhat less restricted by regulation and significantly more innovative.

Economic Innovation Imperatives True profound industry disruption often comes not from a technology or system breakthrough, but from an entirely new business model. This dynamic has played out countless times; we examine the collapse of the railroads in favor of trucking and the conversion of industrial scale data processing to personal computing for potential insights and analogs. Next, we take a deeper dive into the disappearing profit drivers in the current paradigm and a specific focus on drug costs.

As we look into the future for potential out-of-the-box business models that would represent a gamechanging development, we explore Smart Living, or embedding healthcare both physically and financially into our housing. Technology Readiness Watch Science and technology can radically alter the delivery of healthcare, regardless of the business model.

We live in an era of such rapid advancement in so many fields that it is impossible to track even the most critical developments across healthcare in anything close to real time. This year we have elevated a few categories as representative of the most broadly impactful over the next decade. Here we delve into the. AllSpire Innovation Highlights Our final section seeks to celebrate the latest innovation work and achievement within our health system membership.

It provides a snapshot-in-time of the depth, scope and focus of efforts. The profiles of the members that follow provides some perspective on the scale of the collective enterprise and the resources that could be brought to bear in innovation. The Mission of AllSpire is to harness and share the accumulated wisdom, talent and resources of our integrated health system members, via knowledge transfer and collaboration, to achieve the highest levels of Clinical Excellence, Patient Affordability, Access and Experience and Economic Sustainability, all for the benefit of the communities we serve.

We invite you to join us in this noble quest. The current decade is winding down. It is time to take stock of the s and look forward into the s. Prudence dictates that we step back from the immediate needs of the day-to-day business of running health systems to assess the projection of current and likely future trends. All the more important to take time and stop, draw a breath and look around. Twent-teens: Most people in healthcare will remember the Twent-teens as the era of the Affordable Care Act, with its coverage windfall via Medicaid expansion, the elimination of discrimination against pre-existing conditions and children clinging to parent's health insurance into their mid-twenties.

Together with a full-decade of recovery from the recession that began with the financial crisis inthe ACA and economic tailwinds masked service level revenue declines and substantial cost increases from drugs, devices and medical record systems. Capital was cheap with historically low interest rates and bond ratings were strong for hospital operators spurring construction of new wings, new hospitals and new ambulatory sites of care.

Elimination of waste and inefficiency opportunities were abundant to defend operating margins against reimbursement cuts.Recommend Documents.

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Air Pollution Control. Air pollution control - Techmonitor. Ambient air quality monitoring network is designed to get spatial and The molecular structure along with sources Augul, Orissa India. Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook Although moving sources, especially those powered by internal combustion Page Petroleum refineries.

Polymers and Resins I: U. Air Pollution Control Technology Handbook. Reductions in the vapor pressure of gasoline and the sulfur content of diesel fuel Central Pollution Control Board. Government of India, New Delhi. Reynolds, Stanley S. Fuel Quality Improvements and Refining. Future Diesel Technology. Two and Three Wheel Vehicles.

Air pollution control and flue gas desulfurization. Jun 19, - mentation of environmental laws for air pollution control have been highlighted.

Keywords Constitution 4 Air pollution 4 Acts 4. India Ser. Anthropogenic activities as rampant industrialization, exploitation and over consumption of natural resources, ever growing population size are major contributors of air pollution.

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